Thursday, December 27, 2012

Apple might be designing a Bluetooth watch

Although not the first time we heard this rumor, the smart watch ISIRI formerly the pools could return to Apple analysts for 2013. In effect, there are many rumors about a watch that could be designed in the offices of the company on the block.

To me, of course, I find a product that could be quite a hit if you put less money. Patents indicate that a device could be controlled via voice interface Siri, the virtual assistant on iOS who have run rivers of ink.

apple reloj bluetooth Apple podría estar diseñando un reloj Bluetooth

Both the New York Times and the German blog Mobile Geeks are fanning the flames of information sources as exotic as a Chinese web rumors. Apparently, this would ensure that Intel and Apple are working hard to integrate the hardware and software of this new device.

The 1.5 inch screen would be sufficient to allow basic actions for iOS but not more complex. Of course, not that you need a super full interface into a watch. The most basic actions could be to query, a small map, video

What do you think of this ISIRI, iWatch or whatever? Do you you would buy a watch with iOS for a price around 150 euros?

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