Sunday, December 16, 2012

Apple may be working on a higher resolution iPad Mini

If we tell you that in the future Apple will bring an iPad Mini with more resolution , or that it will release a iPad 5 will be even thinner than the current model, I am sure that most of you will not be surprised.

Of course the apple company is constantly researching and developing to improve the performance of their designs. If I did, would be doomed to oblivion in just a few months.

However, at what many of you are interested in rumors about these new devices, but still remains very distant launch? It has already begun to seep directly outputs the first reports of Apple's supply chain in Asia.

apple ipad mini retina Apple podría estar trabajando en un iPad Mini con más resolución

The technology chosen for the screens, analysts say, would be the same as the iPad mounted third and fourth generation, it has already shown its benefits in the hands of millions of users. What may change is the backlight system of fifth-generation iPad, recounting a single LED bar to reduce the weight of the device.

So, in summary, the short-term Apple are two:

  • First, get an iPad Mini with Retina Display, even if it means a small weight gain.
  • Moreover, the launch of a fifth-generation iPad, focusing on thinness and lightness as main assets.

The only questions that remain are: how will they get it? and when did you launch? Other than that, surely see significant improvements in iOS 7 with the launch of these devices, as the apple company is on the line with your operating system right now.

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