Thursday, December 27, 2012

Apple in talks with Sharp for continuous IGZO screens

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Digitimes reports that Apple is in talks with Sharp continuous fighting IGZO able to use their screens. Before making a change, the company is evaluating whether the supply of Sharp will be able to meet demand for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini 10 inch throughout 2013.

Sources say Apple is in talks with Sharp IGZO screens estimating and production capacity throughout 2013 to meet demand for its iOS devices and wondered whether AU Optronics' (AUO) L5C line could be used to produce this technology. Since we reported earlier this month that an analyst predicted the next generation of iPhone with this technological feature on your screen.

dscn10291 Apple en continuas conversaciones con Sharp para pantallas IGZO

The benefits of IGZO screen could be seen at the IFA in Berlin as we show in the video header. It seems pretty impressive, since it can be built under an edge of less than 2 mm, with a softer feel and the ability to consume one-fifth to one-tenth of the energy consumed by the screens now devices, which lead to smaller batteries or devices in larger capacities. It is rumored that Apple wanted to use this technology with third-generation iPad, but dismissed those claims in the last minute. The fifth-generation iPad seems to be now a candidate most likely to use this new technology to screen out possible around March.

What do you think these screens? Impressive??

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Source - Digitimes

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