Sunday, December 30, 2012

Apple devices thefts increase the crime rate in New York

This was revealed Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And is that the continued theft of Apple products are partly responsible for the increase in the crime rate in New York.


This year 3280 has been reported more thefts, a figure that translates into a 40% increase over the previous year 2011 (speaking only of larceny, because in that figure are not reflected minor thefts).

And, with this data, Michael Bloomberg said the following in a local radio program: "If we could remove Apple from the equation, we would have reduced crime this year." And is that the politician says that crime has increased because thieves pilfering basically focus their products the Cupertino company.

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In the month of September, the New York police took up the case and put police officers on numerous Apple Store in order to register the newly purchased devices so you can track them in case they were stolen. Although it is unknown if matched with the solution, one of the officers said they had registered about 1500 products.

Could this be the solution to find our products in case of theft?

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