Thursday, December 27, 2012

Apple Could Use IGZO Displays in Upcoming iDevices

Not the first time I heard rumors about Apple's interest for IGZO display technology developed by Sharp. So far, these rumors have become a reality, but now looks like it could be closer than ever thanks to improved technology these screens.

ipad Apple Podría Utilizar Pantallas IGZO en sus Próximos iDevices

According to the reports received, Sharp is going through a very good situation right now, but its IGZO technology is attracting the attention of many other companies. Apparently, the company is planning to stop focusing on panels for large TVs, to focus on improving the technology for small screens, ideal for phones and tablets, as investors (including Qualcomm) have shown interest in them.

Apple might be interested in IGZO technology for its upcoming mobile devices

With IGZO technology can create high resolution screen with a much lower consumption than other technologies. This technology enables enhancement of the electron mobility (mobility up to 40 times), so that a substantially reduced power consumption. In addition, you can create thinner displays using this technology and is applicable to both large and small screens. From TVs to phones or tablets.

Apparently this time Apple itself might be thinking seriously about using this technology in their upcoming products and it would be strange seeing another iPad 5 , iPad 2 or iPhone 5S mini with a screen like this next year, but it all depends if Sharp AU Optronics and be able to produce the required quantity of panels for Apple to incorporate the features of their future devices.

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