Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Apple could buy TomTom to accelerate the process of improving their maps

tomtom apple Apple podrĂ­a comprar TomTom para acelerar el proceso de mejorar sus mapas

iOS 6 carries us several months and Apple maps are still the subject of much criticism. The company has taken the decision, even to offer alternatives to its application in the App Store but not with those able to avoid the bad reputation.

A clear example of this is the statement that Australian police launched a few days ago, advising users not to use the Apple to offer maps that could lead to false indications of risk times in some cases.

It is true that Apple is aware of this and are making every effort to solve these problems, however, the update rate is not fast enough that users would want. To further accelerate the improvement process, Apple may be planning to buy the company TomTom, a company that already provides some of its databases Apple Maps.

Unfortunately for us, this information comes from a Bloomberg analyst so no confirmation whatsoever that Apple buy TomTom services. The stock has already had the first reactions to this rumor and actions of the shipping company are up slightly after learning this information.

Will you purchase a TomTom Apple?

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Source - 9to5Mac

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