Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apple controls the working hours of more than one million workers

trabajadores apple Apple controla las jornadas laborales de más de un millón de trabajadores

After living several episodes of controversy, l related to exploitation of workers at Foxconn in China, Apple pledged to take steps to improve the conditions of contract employees to assemble products. Human rights organizations did not take the words of Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, very seriously, and said that Apple was not committed and just said that "until people turn to forget the big problem."

But the fact is that since Apple implemented several programs to avoid exploitation in the factories and prevent minors working in the mass production of their devices. In fact, the California company has set up a section on their official website, where you can read their commitment to these workers:

"Apple prohibits practices that threaten the rights of workers, even when local laws and customs permit."

This week, since Apple have announced that they already control the working hours of more than one million workers associated with the company directly or indirectly. Thus, a commitment that is not exploited to employees located in different geographic locations, not only met, but also continues to expand.

Earlier this year, Apple monitorizaba to half a million people and in November already reached the sum of one million. In the last month, Apple reported that 88% of workers did their code of conduct not to work more than 60 hours a week.

Yes, the company specifies that some employees exceeded this limit voluntarily in periods of high activity.

Source- Apple

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