Monday, December 10, 2012

Apple changed the world to solve the mistakes of their maps

apple cambia mundo mapas Apple cambiará el mundo para solucionar los errores de sus mapas

Much has been said about the problems of the maps that Apple has released iOS 6. The company wanted to include their own iOS mapping service in June, to part with Google Maps and have more control over native applications for iOS devices.

In principle this is a good thing, as it allows the company to offer better performance and a better user experience, as well as enable new functionalities añadirles maps anytime. Unfortunately, the release of the maps was not as good as expected and we soon users detect different faults in them: locate misplaced, lack of information and other faults ...

Apple apologized for the problems and promised to solve the problems and to become the Apple Maps on something really useful for all users. We think that a mapping is very complex, with lots of information and it is easy to fail. Just remember the early days of Google Maps to realize, that this is what requires time.

Given Apple's promises of improved implementation, some people put to work and created their own way of looking at possible solutions. According to The Onion, Apple is doing a project to change the world, so the new iOS maps discussed 6 no errors and everything located in the place where Apple has placed.

Changing the world is easier and faster to solve the problems with Apple's maps

A funny parody of how Apple could solve the problems in the new maps of iOS, though of course the real solution you are looking for Apple is quite another.

How about your experience with these maps? Have you encountered many problems? I so far have not had too, although it is true that the operation of Google Maps is better, it is normal, you have at least five years ahead.

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