Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apple can not block the sale of Samsung devices in the U.S.

juicio apple samsung Apple no podrĂ¡ bloquear la venta de los dispositivos de Samsung en Estados Unidos

Last August a jury of the city of San Jose (California) sentenced to the South Korean company Samsung to indemnify Apple with 1,048 million dollars for having plagiarized the design of the iPhone and other patents without permission. Today we have again seen the faces legal teams of both companies with Judge Lucy Koh, in charge of investigating the case.

In his view, Apple has asked Koh to block sales of those devices from Samsung that the jury confirmed that Apple violated patents. The judge denied this request because it believes that the fact that Apple patents Samsung plagiarize "does not affect the sale of devices and Apple does not hurt at all to be able to compete in the marketplace."

Moreover, and as we advanced in iPhone News a few weeks ago , Samsung has asked the judge to repeat the full judgment about the possible subjectivity that a member of the jury could have applied its decision. Apparently, this person has had disputes in the past with companies affiliated with Samsung, but Judge Koh noted Samsung's lawyers that the entire history of the jury was unveiled before starting the process.

So is the situation at the moment. Apple fails to go beyond against Samsung, but for now has its multimillion compensation guaranteed.

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Source- Bloomberg

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