Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apple AppShopper application loads to find deals on the App Store

 Apple se carga la aplicación AppShopper para descubrir ofertas en la App Store

A few weeks ago, Apple changed some of its rules published in the App Store to add new clauses, affecting some of applications that take full years in the App Store.

Specifically, the new rule 25.2 dictates that Apple can reject applications that recommend or promote sales of other applications. This is a very ambiguous that can be used well or badly, unfortunately, Apple has chosen both ways.

It is true that there are free applications that had become real banks banners of other applications, something that harms users, however, in the App Store there are other apps that list deals and discounts in the price.

It seems that Apple does not like that users know reductions in its app store and decided to remove from the App Store at a major: AppShopper. This application offering advanced functionality and much more useful than the App Store, especially when it comes to discovering new applications but we can not download more.

Presumably this is the beginning of a much larger extermination as AppShopper not the only application that indicates the deals that are in the App Store. Anyway, AppShopper team is working on an update with no waiting into conflict with Apple. That's where we see the real reason that the application has been removed.

In Current iPhone we've been bringing you a lot of time to get the daily deals temporarily recessed applications. Our rate of publication of this post has been relaxed substantially to indicate only the most outstanding deals but we'd like to get your feedback.

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