Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apple and HTC have to reveal part of their agreement

juicio samsung apple Apple y HTC tendrĂ¡n que desvelar parte de su acuerdo

Last month Apple and HTC came to an agreement of ten years to avoid legal conflicts patent in the next decade. Samsung saw this as an opportunity to try to change the sentence that condemns him to indemnify Apple with more than a billion dollars. For this reason, the South Korean company's lawyers asked a U.S. court access agreement between Apple and HTC.

Finally, Judge Lucy Koh, who over the summer was the case between Apple and Samsung, has secured partial access agreement. According to Koh, Samsung may find patents that have been included in the contract of Apple and HTC. However, all financial data related to the agreement, including the amount that will pay Apple HTC shall not be disclosed publicly.

So, in the next few hours certainly will filter most of the documents signed by Apple and HTC. Samsung will use these papers to see if they have included some of the patents that Apple branded as "untouchables" during the trial. According to Apple's lawyers, the company has a group of patents that never gives his opponents.

Was it so in the case with HTC? We'll know in the coming days. For now, Samsung and Apple will meet again "faces" on Thursday in the courts of San Jose (California).

Source- CNET

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