Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple and Google team up to seize patents Kodak

kodak Apple y Google se alĂ­an para hacerse con las patentes de Kodak

The Kodak company, now in bankruptcy, still waiting for him to reach deals by those companies who want to get their patent portfolio. Overall, Kodak has 1100 patents for sale to help pay the debts it has with creditors. According to company estimates, the patent auction hopes to recover some 1.984 million euros.

During the summer, companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft submitted separate bids to acquire some of Kodak's patents. But the negotiations did not come to fruition. Now, Apple and Google this week announced a partnership to acquire patents that are interested and have put on the table 381 million euros, Kodak will now offer to study.

Thus, we see the result of the talks that the two companies are holding opponents to avoid future legal battles. If Google and Apple decide to share the patent portfolio, it is likely that the CEO of both companies have signed a peace agreement.

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Source- 20 Minutes

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  1. Apple and Google are now fighting for patents of Kodak, this is really bad, they need to focus on improving technology of mobile phones. Google powered android phones are good and apple smartphones is really amazing. Make them better.