Sunday, December 9, 2012

Apple and Google team up to buy from over 1000 patents Kodak

As you know, the Kodak is bankrupt firm earlier this year and should be a lot of money (rumored to reach 950 million dollars) to Citigroup, who granted him a loan. Therefore, sells some of its patents to recover the money paid, and that's where Apple into action and Google.

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Both companies, which are constantly news for the patent claims and lawsuits, have decided to join to buy, specifically, 1100 Kodak patents, a number that would be more than $ 500 million.

Obviously, it goes without saying that buy patents to another firm is as important now as Apple and Google would get over 1000 digital image patents that would go directly to their cameras, smartphones and other devices.

But the question is how far will this alliance between the two firms? Will you use those patents to attack or sign a truce? You what do you think?


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