Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Appear docks for the iPhone 5 with affordable

 Aparecen docks para el iPhone 5 con precios asequibles

Gradually Lightning connector novelty fades and in turn, accessory manufacturers realize that one of the cornerstones of its benefits is to offer quality products at reasonable prices. So far, all the products suited to the iPhone 5 and the other devices with the new connector, represented a major outlay for the user but the situation is returning to normal.

The manufacturer USB Fever is one of the first to offer a dock for use with the iPhone 5 but with a very attractive price: $ 16. Despite the price, does the job to perfection: provide support for the iPhone 5 while recharging the battery.

Optionally, there is a more complete version of this same dock with the difference that offers an audio output based on the 3.5-millimeter jack. So we can listen to music while the phone is recharging base. In this case, the price is expensive accessory to the $ 24.99.

 Aparecen docks para el iPhone 5 con precios asequibles

Note that the product does not include any cables Lightning so we have to use the one Apple provides serial or purchase additional (replica or original). It is a measure that many manufacturers are turning to lower their products for the user is that we have seen that the price of the cables Lightning remain quite high.

If you finally decide to buy one of two docks for your brand new iPhone 5, you must have patience with shipping and it takes to get around two or three weeks, something that with the holidays in a few weeks, you can further accentuate .

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