Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Android is beating iOS in mobile web browsing

navegacion web ios android iOS sigue superando a Android en navegación web móvil

Not the first time we talked about the advantage that iOS devices will bring to Android devices on mobile Web story. We also know that the Android market share is greater than that of iOS and with releases like the new Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus devices and so this difference will continue to grow. Apple for its part has launched in recent months the new iPad Mini and iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G and iPad 4, updates of existing products.

iOS continues to dominate the mobile Internet traffic with a big difference from Android

Even with a larger market share of Android, the figures give mobile navigation results really curious is that according to the latest report from the company Chitika, iOS devices generate up to twice the traffic of Internet devices with the operating system Google.

During the month of November, the company ensures that traffic Chitika consumed with iOS devices accounting for 67% of the total, a figure 2% higher than that published in May. Android on the other hand, gets 33% of total Internet traffic from mobile devices.

The month of August was the time of year where the distance between the two platforms was lower and coincided exactly with the time of release of the Samsung Galaxy S III in many countries.

According to the company, the main reason for this difference is the dominance of iPad in the tablet market. Market where one of the main features is the web browsing.

In addition the study also discusses the user loyalty and it seems that at this time we remain loyal to the brand of the products we already have, since it has been found that the tendency is to renew devices by the new model already we had previously.

Definitely very curious results, especially considering the large difference between Android devices and iOS devices in terms of market share. iOS taking a smaller share, representing a doubling of Internet traffic that Android.

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