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Analyze Line, the app that threatens the reign of WhatsApp

line Analizamos Line, la app que amenaza el reinado de WhatsApp

Not lying when I say that a large percentage of iPhone users, and other smartphones, they would not be if not for WhatsApp, one of the biggest boom I remember globally in recent communication, but they say what goes down and in recent times it seems that finally has a competitor that threatens his reign: Line.

Small differences

While the main concept as both Line WhatsApp is the same, the fact is that the application of which we speak today does not stop messaging as such. A major feature that adds the ability to make free voice calls over the data connection, an interesting option that works really well as long as we have good coverage or WiFi available.

Although undoubtedly the most surprising of Line is the ecosystem of apps that come with the main: we have a camera app, one for drawing, one for cards and two or three options that we will supplement the messaging app get the most possible. And we can not forget the desktop apps (available for Mac too) that allow us to follow conversations from a computer. A zero cost everything, of course.

Japanese Influence

A few months ago I had the great good fortune to spend a week in Tokyo and it made me understand what Line offers and so in Japan is quite a hit: the stickers. If we use WhatsApp Emoji icons to express, in Line we have a collection of drawings bestial divided into several packs (some paid) that allow us to liven up the conversations. They really worked and there is no doubt that more casual users applaud this inclusion, while for the rest it may be more trivial.

line1 Analizamos Line, la app que amenaza el reinado de WhatsApp

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp the difference is the ability to mute notifications for individuals, something requested by users because of competition when we can only do with groups.

My opinion

I'm using WhatsApp from almost the beginning, remember to have contact with my hand, and now pass the 200 - and I've seen have been resting on their laurels evolve leaving the app and looking pretty little application. But the short term is impossible to lose your reign WhatsApp because they have earned the average user, that you want a simple and functional app, which is in Spanish (Line not) and where you have all your contacts. This app is not currently Line.

If WhatsApp wakes up with a big update will reign despite being payment, but a Line in Spanish with all their current benefits (desktop client, calls, stickers ...) and then some users can cause an upset and unseat the king of kings. The future is to find out.

More information - WhatsApp is updated again to bring some new

443904275 Analizamos Line, la app que amenaza el reinado de WhatsApp LINE
Developer: NAVER JAPAN
Price: free (Download application)

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