Monday, December 10, 2012

Analysis of the funniest pictures on the maps in iOS 6

It seems that with the release of iPhone 5 have our own "mapagate" or called by some bad blood with "EcceApple" because of the image that we led this post. For today's article we bring you the best images or at least the most fun that we can find in the maps on your Apple iOS 6.

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  • The funniest images

If the launch of the iPhone 4 suffered from the "antenagate", now it seems that with the release of the new iPhone 5 would not be for less and we have our own "mapatage" or, as I have said before, the "EcceApple" , named for people with bad milk. And it seems that the biggest problem, apart from a few bugs on their maps, is how well Apple had sold since the new maps of GPS for Apple , as a new revolution that has enhanced features and characteristics as novel as the Flyover.

And is that the sticks as reviews come from anywhere in the system. From the inaccuracy of the results, the big problem since we all know where the river Ebro and certainly not in Brazil to nonexistent information of some points or even some funny errors Flyover.

And is that such a characteristic is what is giving more than talk on their criticism, in fact we have a movie that is dedicated exclusively to duplicate images of the same.

The funniest images

Apple has started a very long way in a couple of months is not possible to develop a Google maps which have dedicated many years. From what we understand the ruling that is having this American giant and its problems, hopefully just as promised, begin to improve gradually, but will notify you, do not expect an improvement in a couple of weeks of work.

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