Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amazon's phone may already be in production

amazon1 El teléfono de Amazon podría estar ya en producción

During the last year, rumors that Amazon might be modeling their own smartphone have been very insistent. In fact, we think that in the last conference of the phone company would present its "Kindle", but it was not. Since Apple try his luck in the market of smartphones and tablets launching devices designed entirely from within the company, its competitors did not hesitate to put the batteries to offer similar products.

Amazon is trying with its Kindle Fire tablet, but the thing has not gone well, since with every tablet sold, the benefit to the company is minimal. Microsoft is trying now with the tablet Surface. The next market where Amazon wants is planted in the mobile phone, with a cheaper smartphone, about 100 or 200 dollars, and with Android operating system.

As reported by the website 9to5Mac , Amazon has already started with the production of this device. Foxconn, the same company that assembles the pieces of the Apple devices, is taking care of the mission of making 5 million smartphones in the U.S. company.

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