Friday, December 21, 2012

Although Google Play grows, the App Store continues to give more benefits

Which is better? Does being taller or richer? Although there are views for everyone, if we translate this dilemma to the relationship between Apple and Google, we find the last battle between the two technology giants.

app store mas rentable Aunque Google Play crece, la App Store sigue dando más beneficios

In November, the App Store was getting up to $ 15 million in profits ... every day! Much of it was the apple company, but another went directly to stop the checks from developers.

app store mas rentable 2 490x350 Aunque Google Play crece, la App Store sigue dando más beneficios

Finally, we leave you with the top ten of the most sold in 2012 in the App Store:

1. Instagram
2. Temple Run
3. Find My iPhone
4. Facebook
5. iBooks
6. Draw Something Free
7. iTunes U
8. YouTube
9. Podcasts
10. Twitter

And for comparison, the same top on Google Play Store:

1. Street View
2. Facebook
3. Voice Search
4. Maps
5. Gmail
6. YouTube
7. Adobe Flash Player
8. Skype
9. WhatsApp Messenger
10. KakaoTalk

What is your favorite app from the App Store? Can you learn something from Apple store design competition application?

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