Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Add an LED light and warning notifications to your iPhone BlackBerry style with MyLED

Surely you've ever seen a BlackBerry terminal, mobile phones popular years ago in the business environment but with the arrival of the iPhone have slowly been losing more and more market share. Well, surely you remember that you have a small light depending on the color can tell us different things such as notifications or warnings of low battery.

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Using the famous platform Kickstarter , three young Londoners we want to bring this feature to our iOS devices in the form of a small LED that would connect through the headphone jack.

The operation is very simple: as discussed, we unburden an application that you want to activate notifications in the LED, which could be found in the App Store. Once downloaded and opened, we would have to connect the gadget to iDevice and we would have our operational warning notifications.

Then we leave a video where you can see it in action:

Do you like the idea? You can support their funding through Kickstarter to see if they get the desired budget and MyLED into production.

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