Sunday, December 23, 2012

Activating automatic downloads on iPad

Today we have to know how to enable automatic downloads on our iPad. It is a function that is downloaded to your tablet any item you already have available on other iOS device.

For example, say you have downloaded an application on your iPhone while we were on the bus. With this feature, when you get home we will have this same application downloaded to our iPad, ready for use.

Of course, this requires that you have identified all your devices with the same AppleID (come on, the account you enter the App Store, you shop and sync your contacts). To activate this option must simply enter the Settings menu> Itunes and AppStore.

Once there, we will mark the items you want to automatically download (Music, Apps and Books). It is important to remember that if we must specify to use mobile data, which is not recommended if you anticipate sizable downloads. But there is the option for dares.

como activar descargas automaticas ipad Cómo Activar las Descargas Automáticas en iPad

The other way to activate them is available on iTunes, from our computer. As you can see in the attached picture, we have many options available, but we must also specify the elements you want to sync between our devices.

This is done from the iTunes menu> Preferences in OSX and Edit> Preferences in Windows. Be careful to select the timing of those elements that really interest you, do not leave in for a surprise when changing device.

Have you ever found apps that appeared out of nowhere on your desktop? ? And coming down the available space on your iPad? Now you know why it is, is that automatic download of iOS are a double-edged sword.

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