Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A user group sues Instagram

instagram4 Un grupo de usuarios demanda a Instagram

They say that America is the "land of the demands" and this new case will not do more than encourage that saying. Since a couple of weeks ago the controversy arose Instagram by changing its terms and conditions, the social network has only to receive bad reviews and complaints from users.

As venture into iPhone news , finally the CEO of photographic social network had to declare that "everything was due to a communication error and that the clause had been removed." In short, they wanted to know our reactions to such audacity. This clause of the contract was the "power" to the social network using our images published in its platform for advertising campaigns. Instagram or warn the user that would be using his material, nor financially compensated by the "campaign".

Although Instagram backtracking with clause, a law firm in the Californian city of San Diego has filed a lawsuit this week to the company for breach of contract. Since Facebook have already announced their intentions to take until the end of the trial, as they believe that the lawsuit "has no relevance and therefore will fight vigorously on."

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