Sunday, December 9, 2012

A service for developers to test their apps on the web

Whether you are expert developers of iOS, as if you are starting to interest you in the world of mobile applications, we are sure that this news you are interested.

It Kickfolio launching a Web service that allows interested in iOS development test their apps on any web browser, either from either a computer or even from another mobile device.

servicio probar apps web Un servicio para que los desarrolladores prueben sus apps en la web

Imagine: you have a cool app, just programmed and want to prove that this yields an iOS device. Well, with this service no longer need UDIDs codes, or other complications. Simply upload a compressed version of your application, without changing a single line of code, and automatically you will get a link through which you can prove your creation.

In the video below you can see how this new web service. Moreover, the test user an iOS app from an Android device. Additionally, you can add more testers to the service, to create a complete platform for testing beta versions of applications that are under development. Even your app testers can add you comments and suggestions in order to have a complete feedback and move faster.

Of course, besides the free trial version (15 days) provides payment services. The professional version allows you to include all the features iOS can run on a smartphone. It costs $ 50 a month for one or two applications, or $ 300 per month for an unlimited number of these.

What do you parce this service? Did any of you are starting in the world of development and dares to try? To me, of course, my attention and I think that can make life more programmers.

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