Monday, December 24, 2012

A new iPhone joystick born in Kickstarter

Despite not having a market for gamepads for iOS devices since Apple does not provide support for this type of game accessories in the App Store, manufacturers strive to bring products for gamers. But, what if you just want a command we will be able to enjoy games counted? We do not know, the fact is that more and more options for users.

In an interesting Kickstarter project has started an accessory that is half sleeve, half gamepad. Within seconds we use it because its battery is recharged via solar energy and its consumption is ridiculous to offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Their design is intended to fit only the shapes of the iPhone 5, so that other models can not enjoy the protection offered as a sleeve.

 Aparece un nuevo joystick para iPhone que nace en Kickstarter

The list of supported games is not yet specified but presumably will use the same APIs that Apple has provided Gameloft to create your joystick Duo Gamer . This implies that a priori, only a brief amount of Gameloft games are compatible.'re Negotiating with Icade boys to use their SDK and increase the list of games that still remains insufficient for most users.

If you are interested in helping with this project and want your fundamental gamepad, you'll need to spend at least $ 60 (plus $ 15 postage) to get a unit in white or black.

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Link - Kickstarter

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