Saturday, December 22, 2012

A modified iPhone 4S induction charging

Perhaps you thought that everything was said about the iPhone 4S? Nothing is further from the truth. Although Apple's previous smartphone is already more than a year on the street and we thought everything was said, today we bring you a curious modification more than one would like to bring to reality in its own terminal.

iphone 4s modificado carga induccion 505x350 Un iPhone 4S modificado que carga por inducción

It is always rumored the induction charging. An option that takes quite some time comentándose for each Apple device launches, but we have never given much importance because of their unreliability.

However, that does not stop some power users of Apple products dare to make the necessary changes at the hardware level for the induction charging a reality. Till now we have seen this possibility housings that added to the iPhone, but this solution is much more practical and elegant.

The idea is to integrate electronics PowerMate housing inside the iPhone 4S . The welds necessary to connect the wires to the 30 pin connector operation become something only for people with a lot of guts and experience.

For other users, the old idea wean cables seem to have to wait a few more years yet. However, if any of you dare with this experiment, we discuss their impressions and results.

Can you imagine what they could do if these users go in to work at Apple? It is fortunate that the community has iPhone and iPad to large users who always want to give it a twist to both the hardware and the software of your device.

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