Thursday, December 6, 2012

A future update of iTunes 11 will return lost functions

itunes 11 Una próxima actualización de iTunes 11 le devolverá funciones perdidas

A few days ago we can enjoy iTunes 11. This was an upgrade expected by many people I was a little tired of the previous versions of the application, because after many years had hardly changed and resource consumption was quite large.

The new version seems to have been very well accepted by many users, although some do not we just convinced the disappearance of, for example, the sidebar (though thankfully can be re-activated from the View menu).

iTunes regain lost function after upgrading to version 11

Besides the cosmetic change that has led to the new version of iTunes, the application has lost certain characteristics that themselves were present in previous versions of the software. For example, Cover Flow is no longer available and neither is the duplicate check function had available for some time and it was very useful for librerar space on a hard drive based delete songs that we had more than once.

But it seems that Apple will integrate these features in iTunes 11 through a minor update will arrive within some time. At least this has confirmed Walt Mossberg, a technology journalist, with very good relations with senior officials of the Cupertino company.

No doubt this is good news and that everyone will be pleased to know that iTunes 11 will retrieve the features that has been lost due to the new version that takes from us only a few days. It seems that the delay of a month was not enough for Apple to incorporate all the features needed in the application and that the large number of releases they have done in the last part of the year has taken its toll.

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