Thursday, December 6, 2012

A former employee of Apple believes that Ive made a great job in iOS

loren britcher Un exempleado de Apple cree que Ive harĂ¡ un gran trabajo en iOS

Britcher Loren is a former Apple employee who worked with Scott Forstall in developing iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

Loren is known for her talent in creating graphical user interface. He was responsible for interface applications like Tweetie (a Twitter client with a spectacular design at the time) and was the one who created it to move down to update and today is present in many applications for iOS.

Loren Britcher Jony Ive think will make a great work on iOS Interface

In a recent interview, Britcher has said he is eager to see what Jony Ive is able to do with the iOS interface because remember he will be responsible for it after the dismissal of Scott Forstall announced a few weeks ago.

In words referring to Jony Ive Britcher:

"She has good taste (while showing a MacBook Air) and, more importantly, has the ability to stay true to the materials used and the object you're working."

Scott Forstall based much of its user interface in skeumorfismo, ie apply real-life objects to the user interface. At the time were very well received and even Steve Jobs liked since added sensations to the use of electronic devices.

According Britcher, Ive will continue to use this technique in their designs, but will do in a much more controlled and perhaps not as abusive as his predecessor had cast in the interface design iOS and Mac OS X.

jony ive Un exempleado de Apple cree que Ive harĂ¡ un gran trabajo en iOS

There is no denying, there are many people wanting to see what he can do with the interface Ive iOS and OS X and the wait is becoming eternal. Probably not until they announce iOS version 7 when we start to see some of the innovations in design will receive iOS.

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