Thursday, December 13, 2012

1Password 4: new and redesigned version with support for iCloud

1Password is one of those applications called as "must have", ie, binding on all users. If not had some knowledge, it is a password manager wallet, profiles and intelligence, a warehouse to store all this information about users and passwords, which today have created a lot of services.

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The developer, Agile Bits has earned the trust of users due to high security measures in place to keep our personal information completely secure and encrypted.

Why call this app as a "must have"? Install it and only need to remember one password to access your small database where all your information is stored privately. As if this measure is not very safe if you someone with clever eyes will discover the key, you can put another teacher as double security measure that you ask for when you go to see a note secure login, or any other information.

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With version 4, Agile Bits has completely redesigned its interface and adding various improvements among which include synchronization via iCloud. 1Password (universal) also has Mac version, Windows and Android, so if you do not use iCloud, you will continue to have the option to synchronize the information via Dropbox or WIFI.

Negative point?? Certainly the fact that the application can not download as an update but has been published in part, so we'll have to buy it back. Although at present and will be available for a limited time at a 50% discount as an introductory offer (6.99 euros), Agile Bits has posted a FAQ where they explain that if someone has bought the app after November 15 will not have to return to pay for this new version.

However, if you are not convinced by the update, say to continue to offer support for those who continue with version 3, including synchronization.

1Password can find cheaper alternatives, but let's advice when it comes to personal information the more secure our data are best, and this app will ensure that. However, in my case I use it to store all my logins from different services and software serial numbers, nothing more.


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