Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zombie Tsunami: go as far as you can with the zombie horde

Zombie Tsunami is one of those games "infinite run" in which we will have to move horizontally as much as possible. The difference with other style games, is that this time you control a pack of hungry zombies, eager to make us poor humans that we encounter.

We'll start with a few zombies and as we move forward we will "indoctrinate" others to join the cause and allow us to devour larger vehicles. As usual, in our journey (only have to worry about jumping, eat and avoid obstacles and ravines), we'll collect coins to buy upgrades permtirán us for our horde.

The game is now universal and can be downloaded for free, so if you like the style games do not hesitate to try it because it is very entertaining, especially if competis against your friends in Game Center rankings.

Zombie Tsunami

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