Monday, November 19, 2012

You can release the iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.1 with R-SIM7

a42c47912c7c33423dc0b3b35fdf643a Ya puedes liberar el iPhone 5 con iOS 6.0.1 con R SIM7

Now you can unlock any iPhone 5 for use with any GSM operator with an R-SIM7 liberating card also works with the iPhone 4S and brings the SIM tray and ready.

Does not work with CDMA iPhones yet, but will do so as soon as jailbreak as they have prepared a Cydia tweak to make it work on all networks.

It is always best release by IMEI, which is legal and it lasts forever have the iOS you have, and we explain in this post how to do it , but there are companies that do not allow the release by IMEI, such as Latin America, for all these countries liberating card is the best option. You can buy it for $ 24 plus shipping on their official website .

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Link - R-SIM7

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