Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You can migrate your account from MSN to Skype iOS

Good morning iPhoneFan as you know, and you did not know they were informed, the messaging service Microsoft Windows Live Messenger or Messenger for compas, will eventually disappear (I told them that sent those emails) to make way for courier Skype acquired by Microsoft.

The movement is quite logical, because it makes no sense to have two services that offer almost the same thing that Skype also has much more value added as calls to cell, and let's face long MSN's popularity has been declining.

A few weeks ago, after the announcement of the possible closure, many wondered what would happen with the contacts you already have, ie if only a few, there are still people who use this service, in addition to question what would happen to users who already have Skype and MSN. Well, Microsoft announced that it would migrate your contacts from MSN to Skype all from the program for desktop or laptop.

Well today with the news amanecemos an update for Skype for our iDivices, where you can find the option to migrate your MSN contacts to your Skype account from the comfort of your iPad or iPhone / iPod Touch, with which follow the path to the day when our not so beloved Messenger becomes part of history.

Personally I'm going to leave my MSN die with dignity, honestly no one contacts me by that means and do not want to saturate myself with people that Skype does not connect, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Whole books could be written with anecdotes about the Messenger chats, I personally I have several interesting and nostalgic which meant that retain that program. And you have a good story to share?

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