Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Will it blend? An iPad Mini in the mincer

Come on, raise your hand one of you I was not expecting this with a smile. As many of you know, after the launch of each Apple product, Blendtec fools have nothing better to do than grinding it to see how the device reacts. Even some of the iPad larger had to pass before the hammer, so that it fits into the crusher.

ipad mini picadora Will it blend? Un iPad Mini en la picadora

Tom Dickson's face again this time to greet the three tablet crushing fashion: the Mini Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7. This time, his famous video series "Will it blend?" Shows us how they are butchered three objects of desire for most consumers.

The machines responsible for this task are the most expensive of the company, in order to demonstrate its power when cutting any type of thing that we put inside. Of course, the test is performed in parallel to test the speed of the three options, and is warned not to try at home, if you think of some unsuspecting.

A superb slow motion takes us how the three tablets are breaking into pieces while Tom continues his disquieting smile and latex gloves. Dust from the experiment is pretty sleazy, and should not be recommended breathing near him.

Most of you are wondering: And all for what? Well, it appears that this type of advertising that brings damage to the company chippers is so great, that leaves them very profitable without any impunity destroy most wanted devices market.

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