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Why 2012 has been the most important year for Apple?

2012 tim cook ¿Por qué 2012 ha sido el año más importante para Apple?

With the absence of Steve Jobs as the main theme of the doubts, Tim Cook's team has had to face a lot of questions in 2012. Who is now the visionary? Does the iPhone will remain successful? What will happen to the Mac? What about the iPad?

The most important question that Apple faced in 2012 was whether they could maintain their supremacy. Competitors are stronger than ever, Apple no longer has the vision of Steve Jobs, has no charisma or their great skills in negotiating and 2012 has been the year that Apple has had to prove himself without Steve Jobs. The challenges and adversaries to which Apple has faced in 2012, making this year the most important in the history of Apple and the company has been able to get away with a host of amazing products and strategic moves very well resolved.

2012: a year tremendously important to Apple and its competitors

Never before has the world of consumer electronics was so powerful competition. All manufacturers are in fighter mode and are creating really awesome products to dazzle prospective clients. Amazon, Microsoft and even Google has entered the world of the hardware itself and have also managed to create some really interesting products. Now it seems that everyone wants to control the hardware and the software, something Apple has been doing for over 30 years and has always been highly criticized, but it is clearly shown that it works.

Companies are not only adopted the strategy of software linked to hardware, but also are seeing that creating well-designed products work and are applying the story. Apple has always been a company that has given more importance to this issue and it seems that little by little other manufacturers are doing the same.

Microsoft became obsessed with RT Surface design and even got to add additional components to look just good design. The Nokia Lumia is different and very elegant. Barnes and Noble has become a manufacturer of books to manufacturers of tablets overnight. And the Nexus 7 and 10 of Google are the best tablets on the market after the iPad and Apple iPad Mini.

Apple's response to this assault has been very strong. Apple not only responded with force, but took the game to a new level. In 2012, the company updated all the main products sold. The design team Jony Ive deserves an award after the tremendous work they have done this year.

Apple not only launched a completely redesigned iPhone. But also bet on an iMac, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano or MacBook Pro, all-new and redesigned products. Also the Mac Mini, Mac Pro and the iPod Shuffle suffered minor improvements. This was not enough for Apple, but also put the batteries and created an entirely new product: the iPad Mini. In addition, certain that they are still working like beasts in the future iTV.

The amount of updated and redesigned products that Apple has taken over this year has been completely amazing. As a result, Apple shares have recorded the highest value in its history during 2012 and cash reserves that will allow the company keeps doing great things in the future. Apple was also fighting hard in 2012 and earned billions of dollars for patent infringement against Samsung.

ipad mini4 ¿Por qué 2012 ha sido el año más importante para Apple?

As if all this were not enough, Tim Cook also made some changes in the internal structure of Apple. Scott Forstall was fired from the company and the functions were divided among other vice presidents of the company. When announcing this, Tim Cook made a statement: Apple only perfection can be acceptable. The direction of Steve Jobs at Apple was really good, so if Cook and his team want to get out of his shadow to do things in the most perfect possible.

Jony Ive is now in charge of the user interface and software as Apple has recognized Cook, Apple now needs someone with vision as the product that was Steve Jobs. Cook does not have that vision, but it seems Ive does. Cook's will to give more power to Ive, but make it clear that the new CEO is clear about its limitations and is not afraid to admit their weaknesses and put someone who can meet them. Surely this is something very important in a leader like Cook.

Although Apple has improved its product line this year and improved collaboration capabilities, is still not guaranteed that they can fight the war for consumer electronics. There will come a time when Apple will fall and another company will take advantage of it. The maps of jurisdiction Apple a huge failure. The iPad Mini is great, worst may not be cheap enough to compete in their sector. Android phones are catching up to the iPhone 5, despite being the best-selling phone in history.

Apple is in a position really amazing at this time, but instead of being able to rest after a 2012 tremendously hard in 2013 will have to work as hard as in 2012 or even higher.

2012 is not only an important year for Apple. It is an important year for all companies and has shown what the technological landscape we could see over the next five years. Apple has faced challenges this year and dictated the pace of the technology industry. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Nokia and Samsung can not throw a decent product every two or three years, but neither can Apple.

Apple has shown its competitors, if anyone wants to be the undisputed king of the technology market, will have to make new products and incredibly good in all categories. Perfection is not just a goal, it is absolutely mandatory if you want to win.

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