Monday, November 26, 2012

What is iCloud and how it works

The iCloud, or storage system in the cloud does not help Apple in an easy to synchronize the different devices of the brand of apple that we have at home or work. (IPhone, iPod Touch, iPad , AppleTV, Mac and Windows PC).

For today's article we have a simple explanation that is iCloud and how it works:

  • Update iCloud.
  • Configuring iCloud.
The iCloud or storage system in the cloud makes us our synchronization with different devices from Apple or Windows PCs much easier.

Update iCloud

If you have not updated or you did but not sure where you're going to continue to expose all the steps you need to perform.

The first thing you should keep in mind when you start using iCloud, you have all your devices up to date. You only need to access the iTunes and make updates on OS X Lion and iOS. To do so just do the following steps.

  • Download iTunes 10.7
  • Once downloaded, open Software Update automatically check for updates and new OS X Lion being that you must install.
  • For your iPod, iPad or iPhone, you must connect the device to your computer, you connect to iTunes and it appears to only give for Updates.
  • For your PC, Windows must have the latest version of Vista with Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 or 8.
  • Finally, AppleTV will give you further instructions once you have your phone on and connected to the Internet.

Configuring iCloud

To use iCloud, first of all, we have to use our own Apple ID or even have a MobileMe account. If somo latter users, Apple has made ​​available an web that you can make the transfer of information from our Mobile account to iCloud. Click here to access the page.

Once done you can start to configure iCloud.
  • Just update the iCloud, the configurator will appear. We enter the Apple ID you carry the shopping in the App Store or iTunes Store.
  • When using iCloud activĂ©is will appear on your screen where you select the services you want to sync, whether Mails, Contacts, Calendar, ...
To configure a Mac

After upgrading to the latest version so we'll just go to System Preferences Panel -> iCloud. We again introduce our iCloud account and then request the password we managed to make some modifications. Later mark if our contacts, calendar ... sent to iCloud, plus if we activate "Find My Mac".

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