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We already have the iPad Mini, first impressions

This morning, at 8:00 pm Spanish time, has been put up for sale the new iPad Mini (Wifi model) in every Apple store in Spain (among many other countries). We have approached the Valencia and we have become one of 32GB in black.

When we arrived at 9:30, there was no queue, although there were only black models in 32GB and 64GB and 32 blank (seems to have come a few models of each in all stores). Apparently, the situation has been repeated in almost every store, with very few who have early to wait at 8:00.

A whole, we have bought a nice and caring Smart Cover (Product) Red.


Now that we have finally been able to try it for a while, we are going to let our first impressions as we do with every new gadget that comes into our hands (if you want to know the full info you can read this post ).

  • In the box we find, besides the iPad Mini, charger and cable Lightning, but as usual no headphones.
  • The first thing that is obvious is how beautiful it is, of course everyone likes, but for us, all the size, thickness and finish seems very attractive and well done.


    • Once you pick it up you realize your true size (especially if you're an iPad owner of normal), because you can catch it with one hand without problem.
    • His weight also helps a lot, because the weight difference with the rest of iPad's 9.7 "is just remarkable. Now you can use with one hand smoothly and not be tired after a few minutes.
    • In our case we have taken in black because we liked finish, but from what little I've been fiddling with the white on the Apple Store, it seems that black is dirtier at the back (or at least shows it more traces).
    • Continuing its exterior design, we see that the volume buttons have changed, being now separated.

    • At the bottom we find the two speakers in stereo for the first time in an iOS device.
    • Once we turn it on with the first of his most criticized: the screen. This time Apple has decided not to use the retina display, but has used the same resolution of 1024 × 768 which already had the iPad 2. If you used an iPad 2, you will know that fijándoos on the screen, we can see the pixels without much trouble, which happens again in the iPad Mini, this time to a lesser extent, and that is to have the same resolution but "compressed "lesser size, density of pixels per inch is greater, so without any justification, the screen will look better than iPad 2, but if you are any device users will notice the difference Retina worse.
    • When we begin to navigate the menus, you hardly notice that an A5 processor instead of the new A6, but which we enter the most demanding applications and games shows in load times. It is not hopeless, but as with the screen, if you come up with a device like an iPad or an iPhone 5 Retina will notice more these days extra.
    • Its handling is very nice overall, as it is very comfortable to hold and maneuver, both in size and in weight, which facilitates its use in various places and positions where the normal iPad was uncomfortable, for example lying in bed .
    • The keyboard is handled quite well especially when we take it with both hands, having to stretch your fingers into its complete form, although its shape becomes more comfortable game yet. If you want to use to write great books while we have a table is more uncomfortable than the standard iPad, because we have to raise more hands.
    • Its front camera is better than the iPad 2, the iPad Mini being much sharper. The same goes for the rear, although in this case not only improves the quality but also the photo is much wider, capturing much more scene (photo left iPad 2 - iPad Mini Right photo).

    20121102-185320.jpg 20121102-185330.jpg

    • The Smart Cover does not just convinced us. Accustomed to the normal iPad metal latch, the iPad Mini moves when put behind and we take it with both hands. The cause of this is the piece which extends from the magnetic coupling to where the Smart Cover starts itself.


    • We have not been able to squeeze the most of your battery, so we can not confirm or deny anything, but some reviews spoke of lasting up to 12 hours (officially Apple says 10).
    • When we compare, in terms of software, the iPad Mini with Retina iPad 2 and we have a mixture of both devices, in which, for the most part, is more beneficial for the Mini. Find functions such as Siri, Flyover (3D maps), 1080p video recording and face detection.
    • In summary we have to say we love the iPad Mini, both for its finish and its size and it over-compensates with the use we intend to give, but not a cheap device is missing, especially Retina display.

    It is difficult to generalize and say if the product is worth it or not, this all depends on the devices that have each and the money that you are willing to spend. If you have no iPad and I like the size of the new, is a good buy, especially if you are coming from the iOS universe.

    If you have another model of iPad, you have to think about what you can bring a smaller iPad, since specifications are talking about is "on par" that the iPad 2 and below iPad Retina.

    Of course we will not get into comparisons with other brands of tablets and we have not had a chance to test them thoroughly, but nothing we like the iPad Mini absolute winner, since other models like the Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab are very good devices have different characteristics and prices and sizes.

    But in addition to economic and OS preferences today makes little sense to compare the specifications of an Android device with iOS one (in addition to as you can see the screen), as one of the SO has that fit hundreds of hardware configurations and is fully optimized for another few specific models, so that what counts in the end is how it affects the applications and user experience. As much as a device has 4 cores, if you end moves exactly like one that only has 2 can not be taken as a characteristic "definitive" to choose one or the other device, at least we believe so.

    For our part we have always thought (which is not usually read in many places), besides the hardware must also take into account the software, not only in terms of options that will provide an OS or other (in the end everyone has its pros and cons and depend much on taste), but where we come from. And by that we mean that if we have 100 applications purchased in a store, you must re-purchase in case you change your OS, so it is also an economic factor to consider.


    What about you, what you bought? Do you intend to do?

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