Monday, November 12, 2012

Was it a mistake to dismiss Forstall Apple?

The new Apple Tim Cook has undergone profound changes. One of the most famous was the departure of Scott Forstall, the architect who created the mobile operating systems and eescritorio the apple company.

However, it is early to say whether this and other decisions will impact positively or negatively on the future of Apple. But that does not stop many of the former employees of the company have given their opinion on these movements in blogs, interviews and social networks.

error despedir scott forstall ¿Fue un error para Apple despedir a Forstall?

For example, according to Michael Loop, a former Apple senior manager, the decision to fire Forstall was a terrible mistake. He adds that the bad time for the apple company will begin shortly and quietly, almost without us noticing.

A curious thing is that his statements regarded as the last vestige of the old school Apple employees, the closest thing the company was in the original form of thinking of Steve Jobs. Moreover, dares to say that he was the rightful successor to the genius of Apple.

error despedir scott forstall 2 444x350 ¿Fue un error para Apple despedir a Forstall?

It seems that both Jobs and Forstall had in common one characteristic: their bad fumes when things did not go well. According Loop, have let him go to iOS designer and operations director with more talent around the globe.

This and other reviews hint at Apple genius is running out for a company to become more rational, less based on intuition and the obsession with the perfect products.

What do you think the statements of this former Apple employee?. Will resented his departure from the company, or actually right and dark times ahead for the company?

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