Friday, November 2, 2012

Unmounting a fourth-generation iPad

As I discussed yesterday , the guys at iFixit have been stepping up to gut the new Apple iPad. As the apple company never gives full details on their devices in the keynote, these operations are important to learn all you can about the guts of the device you plan to buy.

In this article we will discuss some of the surprises that this analysis has shed specialists iFixit. For starters, no major differences in structure compared to third-generation iPad.

 Desmontando un iPad de cuarta generación

The most obvious change is the new chip A6X, giving you twice the power to the iPad 4 . Gradually we will see games that take advantage of this new component, then we assume that developers are already exploring its possibilities.

As you know, the cameras have also been redesigned. Also present is the Lightning connector, soldered to the motherboard so it can not be changed by one of the former. This is something he shares with the iPad Mini, as discussed yesterday.

 Desmontando un iPad de cuarta generación

However, the main surprise comes from the hand of the screen. And, this time, not manufactured by Samsung, but LG. We know that the apple company was diversifying its production to stop depending on a specific company, so this move is reasonable.

In any case, if you access the detailed disassembly of this fourth-generation iPad, the best thing you can do is to explore the link behind the original source.

 Desmontando un iPad de cuarta generación

What do you think the details of the iPad 4? Do any of you enough to open your hands like iPad, is the version that is?

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