Friday, November 23, 2012

TumbleOn, a great image viewer on Tumblr

TumbleOn is an application for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad, allowing us to navigate the vastness of Tumblr in a very visual. And the application is intended only as an image viewer (not show videos or other files).

To display them, have used a panel view mode by which we will moving horizontally and can magnify images we want by simply touching it.

The application provides different shortcuts to navigate the content, for example by moving the screen to move from one to the other in the expanded vision or hold an image on the general board to display different shortcuts for reblogs or likes quickly.

We navigate our dashboard and own likes or images, and you can search by tags or directly Tumblrs and can easily add them as friends. Of course, we also publish our images or download we find browsing there.

If you are members of this network and you want to try a good application (if your primary purpose is images and GIF), do not hesitate to give it a chance, we were pleasantly surprised.

TumbleOn iPhone | TumbleOn for iPad

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