Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tim Cook, the highest paid CEO in U.S.

tim cook ceo Tim Cook, el CEO mejor pagado de EEUU

Be a substitute for a person like Steve Jobs should not be easy, but Tim Cook seems to have managed to take the reins of Apple and continue taking it on the right track. In addition, Tim is aware of his limitations and knows he is a good manager, but has no vision of its predecessor product. It is able to admit and seek solutions and that is something that shows that before its image is the company, something that a good CEO should always keep in mind.

CEO Tim Cook is the highest paid of all U.S.

Tim Cook is currently considered to be the highest paid CEO in the U.S. with an average of 95 million per year over the past five years. In addition, last year gave Tim Cook Apple shares worth about 300 million dollars (value has risen, thanks to the increased value of the shares of the company).

Second on the list is Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO earns 70 million dollars a year and in third place we find someone else to Apple: Ron Johnson, former vice president of Apple's retail division and currently CEO of JCPenney with a $ 53 million annually.

There is no doubt that the amount of money these people admitted each year, is far from what many of us able to win in our lifetime, but there is no doubt that you have earned and that during the years prior to being CEOs of their respective companies have proven themselves as leaders in leading companies and thanks to his efforts have managed to make money, more money, to their respective companies.

The CEO of a company is the general manager, ie the person who directs the operation of the company on a day to day. It monitors and other managers typically a person who cares about each and every one of the projects his company is trying to push through. A CEO of a bad decision could ruin the company, but also a good company can make up the roof. Anyway, a good CEO must be surrounded by a great team move forward to achieve their goals and in the case of Tim Cook seems that it has.

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