Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tim Cook Apple style

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after the founding of NeXT, the Apple company was at its worst. Thanks to the good work and the creative genius of Jobs, among other things, the company became the world's most successful in a decade.

One of his greatest achievements was the clearly defined product lines, separating the computing professional staff, both in the field of desktop and the laptop. Right now, everyone is clear what Apple offers, and know what product can meet every need.

However, the latest moves by the apple company suggest that everything is going to be remixed again, with products that do not have an audience too defined. Recent personnel changes among heavyweights Apple, and the launch of some intermediates, suggest that this is part of the philosophy of Tim Cook.

apple tim cook 628x350 Apple al estilo Tim Cook

Thus, the scheme would still simpler, though less defined. On the one hand we have the iPhone and iPad , and on the other the MacBook and the Mac As mentioned, the border between the departments are disappearing little by little, and let us see how they appear intermediates, as shown by recent changes Mountain Lion OSX.

Besides these technical departments, Apple still has what are called cross teams: Phil Schiller is responsible for the products, Peter Oppenheimer to manage accounts, hardware Dan Riccio and Jeff Williams of strategic operations. Bruce Sewell will lead the legal team, and Tim Cook is as the head of them all.

Will the new Apple able to improve over the past decade?

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