Thursday, November 29, 2012

They test the resistance of the iPad Mini, iPad 4 and iPhone 5

caida iphone ipad ipad mini Ponen a prueba la resistencia del iPad Mini, iPad 4 y iPhone 5

The smartphone and tablets are devices that have slowly been becoming essential for many of us. These devices occupy an important place in our day and day and many took it around.

It is customary for this type of device we hit the ground. Whether we are slipping from the hand during use, because we fall from a table to push accidentally or because we fall when we get up off the couch after be using any of these devices (which now appears remote distance of the TV is safer than before).

They test the resistance of the iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and its main rivals, Google's Nexus range

Of course the manufacturers are aware of this problem and strive to make their devices more resistant to falls or blows of any kind.

People SquareTrade, an insurance company specializing in electronic devices, wanted to test the mobile's hottest tablets. So have caught iPhone 5 , iPad Mini, iPad 4, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 and have tested.

The result is quite interesting. For smartphones the iPhone 5 has left virtually unscathed, while the Nexus 4 corner that touched the ground is completely shattered and the screen has multiple fractures. The Nexus 7 was also quite damaged, while the iPad Mini barely damaged. In the case of tablets plus size, the Nexus 10 suffered some minor damage to the casing, but the screen remained intact, while the iPad 4 was damaged in the housing and a broken screen.

Looks like Apple products obtained very good results. Gone is the fragility of the screens of the first iPhone and the problems of back glass of the iPhone 4. It seems that Apple has done its homework and now have devices on the market much more robust and resilient.

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