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The Route of the Purchase Decision Applications / Apps in the App Store

proceso compra app store 568x350 La Ruta de DecisiĆ³n en la Compra de Aplicaciones / Apps en la App Store

Many developers are wondering how the purchase decision when choosing an application from the over 700,000 apps in the App Store. Learn how to decide if an app is installed on your device is key in getting downloads, both free and paid. We analyze this route and put it on a plate to not fail in this regard as key.

The Route of the Purchase Decision Applications / Apps in the App Store

This route consists of four basic steps, and each has a strategy that we must follow if we want (and want!) You to purchase our application. The route is as follows:

Icon App> App name> Screenshots App> App description

1. - The app icon

Navigate through the list of applications by sliding your finger mechanically store looking for something of interest to download, usually within the category of interest. Suddenly our view is for a particular icon why? To capture the attention of the buyer the icon must have a unique feature: be amazing. A bad icon does not buy an app. Point. Our app icon should be bright, distinct and clearly convey our app that goes, what is the fundamental characteristic of it. It is very important to get a good icon to capture the buyer's attention because somehow, is the gateway to our app.

2. - Application Name

The name of the app is another key. It should be simple and descriptive, while due attention. Long names are worthless, are too long and not remembered. Try also be unique and attractive. A good idea is to combine words to form new: for example you can combine to create the My Route MyRoute word, as in the app MyRoute: Drive Safe. This name is unique yet described that is a driving safety app.

3. - Screenshots App

No, now people do not read the description of the app, jump directly to the screenshots, and if you do not like happen to another application, or trying to make a catch amazing and very clearly showing that your app will at a glance. If the user likes the first capture (most important) will quickly see the rest, so try to be diverse and show the maximum number of functions.

4. - App description

At this point the client already knows what it's app. Now you must convince him to buy it. If you got here is a good candidate to press the download button, so you have to do at this point is to have briefly (do not expect someone to pull three minutes reading a wordy description) which makes your app. It is concise and above all, in the first paragraphs mind that unlike the rest of your app, and why it is better to get the user benefits to having it.

If you follow all these steps correctly multiply x10 the chances that your app is a success.

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