Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The rate of customer loyalty of Apple falls the first time, why?

iPhone 5 en Apple Store 650x487 El índice de fidelidad de los clientes de Apple cae por primera vez, ¿por qué?

A report from Strategy Analytics says that Apple's customer loyalty dropped for the first time since such records began, so it may be a surprise after seeing the long lines and waiting lists were to launch the latest versions of iPhone and iPad.

The report indicates that when asked, 88% of U.S. customers said they were willing to buy another iPhone to update your smartphone, a figure that contrasts with 93% who said the same in the last survey. In Europe is more or less the same, getting a result of 75% compared to 88% last year.

While any company would be happy with a loyalty rate of 88%, why Apple is seeing a decline in customer loyalty? That is the real important issue that should be drawn from this study.

Now, more than ever, Apple's iPhone faces tough competition from Android and Windows Phone renewed. Both platforms are beginning to mature into real competitors for the Apple iOS, Android in particular finally getting the final push I needed. Many people have moved from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S III. There are many good things in the newer versions of Android.

In the tablet world, too, competition is hardening. Both the smartphone and in tablet buyers are aware, more than ever, that there is a world outside of iOS and Apple, iPhone and iPad, especially if your budget is limited. If you have a super smartphone is not your top priority, then it is possible to opt for a cheaper Android phone. This is a reality.

Apple also could have lost customer confidence due to the strong arm tactics used in court. Allegations of patent violation against Samsung have caused some concern among the people that matter, consumers. Foxconn's situation and the perception of poor working conditions have not been good to Apple.

In the end, we're just trying to figure out why some consumers are losing their love of Apple and their devices, and Apple would do well to be careful not to fall into the trap of complacency. The company may be at the top of the market at the moment, but Microsoft, RIM and Palm thought the same not long ago, and look where they are now.

Do you remember Palm, right? What do you think? Why do you think Apple is losing some customer loyalty?

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