Thursday, November 22, 2012

The patent trial against Samsung joins the iPad Mini and iPad 4

The trial of the charges for copies and plagiarisms between Samsung and Apple is far from over. If you remember, the most notorious episode occurred last summer, when the Korean company had to pay one billion dollars to the company on the block.

Dates are approaching a new episode. However, unlike the previous case, this new batch of demands includes latest products, and the range Samsung Nexus in which it participates and the new iPhone 5, iPod Touch fifth generation, iPad 4 and iPad Mini .

Again, the controversy is served. For its part, Samsung claims that the apple company is violating its patents again, and asked the court to allow them to add these new devices emerging from the judicial process has already opened several months.

ipad mini ipad 4 patentes 427x350 El juicio de las patentes contra Samsung incorpora al iPad Mini y al iPad 4

We assume that these last few weeks have been building and dismantling the new iPhone 5, iPad Mini iPad and fourth generation, so you know exactly how to justify their demand.

Therefore, if we count the new round in this legal battle dozens of devices includes both companies. First, no more and no less than 9 terminals Apple. On the other hand, a total of 18 Samsung devices.

However, the new phase of the trial will not begin until well into 2013, and certainly not pass final judgment until a few years. Will they include companies in their demands to all devices that come out between now and then?

This is not likely to end well for consumers, it has all the earmarks that neither company wants to budge.

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