Friday, November 23, 2012

The new Apple campus is delayed until 2016

Screen Shot 2012 11 22 at 1.57.33 PM El nuevo campus de Apple se retrasa hasta el año 2016

The 'spaceship' that Apple plans to build in the city of Cupertino to house its new campus will suffer a small delay. It was initially planned that the mammoth project was completed in 2015, but Apple has updated its plans on the website of the City of Cupertino reporting that construction will start later than planned.

Apple should have submitted a number of reports in September, but ultimately was unable to provide all necessary information to the council this month. Now the city of Cupertino and l will have to consider potential environmental impact of the building, which will become the new Apple campus. If no neighbor permitting, the project will proceed.

The construction work will not begin until the middle of next year and be completed in mid-2016.

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Source- Cupertino

Article The new Apple campus is delayed until 2016 was originally published in News iPhone .

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