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The most anticipated Christmas gift for the young is the iPad 4

intereses compra 6 meses El regalo de navidad más esperado por los jóvenes es el iPad 4

They approach the Christmas holidays each year and as many brain started estrujarnos gifts to choose successful. In the case of having to make a gift to a child things get complicated, and often leads directly to ask them to give us an endless list of options.

Nielsen's people did a study and it is removed from the five most wanted gifts for children and adolescents, the first four are Apple products and the most prominent of all is the iPad.

Children and teens want to be tickled iPad this Christmas

The survey by Nielsen shows that 48% of children between 6 and 12 want an iPad, and also that these are not satisfied with any iPad, but seek the iPad 4 (fourth generation), ie the IPad more potent than currently exists in the market. Looks like those ads with mini iPad piano app are not catching on too in the smallest house, they really know what is good and powerful.

Regarding the second most requested gift for children in this age group is the new Nintendo console, the Wii U, which takes 39% of the votes cast.

In third place we find another Apple device, the iPod touch. In fourth place is the new iPad mini and fifth appears Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5.

Children seem to look at what they have parents or older brothers and ask the same thing. Moreover, these products are not always left to the children to play with them and you know, when you do not leave anything, more willingly want to have it.

intereses compra adolescentes El regalo de navidad más esperado por los jóvenes es el iPad 4

Nielsen study also mined that 21 percent of teens aged 13 or older want an iPad, 19% a computer, 18% a tablet of any other brand, 17% a Nintendo Wii U and only 14% an iPhone. It seems that Apple's smartphone is losing steam, although perhaps the age of these children is too short to need a mobile phone and hence the figure.

Where is the iPhone direct competition in this study? Apparently only 11% of the children surveyed said they wanted an Android, a figure considerably lower, but still pretty close to that achieved by Apple's iPhone.

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