Thursday, November 1, 2012

The mini iPad requires iTunes 11

ipad mini requiere itunes 11 El iPad mini requiere iTunes 11

Yesterday we told you already that some users have begun receiving their iPad mini, even though the delivery date was set for tomorrow, Friday November 2. This has given us the first unboxing and some new details about the product.

One of those details is that the back of the box the said mini iPad tablet 11 iTunes required for synchronization. As we saw yesterday, Apple has delayed the launch of iTunes 11 until late November. So is there a problem?

According to the blog iGen, it seems that Apple was originally hoping to release iTunes 11 in time for the launch of the iPad mini, hence in the box specifying the need for this version. But do not worry, says the iPad iGen mini syncs perfectly with the current version of iTunes. However, say that the program does not show a tablet icon. Apple may release a small update to iTunes soon to fix this issue.

While this is a small detail, it is interesting that Apple, despite having been classified as an essential requirement in million boxes of mini iPad, has delayed the release of iTunes 11 because "not ready". Maybe they learned their lesson with what happened with iOS maps 6.

Finally, the French blog also notes that the first shipments of the iPad mini incorporate a USB power adapter 5 watt, instead of a 10 watt. In addition, the iPad mini comes with iOS 6 installed, which was logical.

What do you think? Are not you looking forward to receive yours?

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