Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The lighting is controlled by iPad display through central London

luz londres ipad La iluminación controlada por iPad se desplegará por el centro de Londres

Westminster City Council has announced that it will soon realize the deployment of a new intelligent lighting that can be controlled with an iPad. The new lights will replace about 14,000 intelligent lights of central London in the next four years.

"There has been much debate in the UK about turning off street lights to save energy and costs, but this option is not considered appropriate to Westminster, so an alternative or" third way "was the mood lighting.

The board said the initial deployment will involve an outlay of 3.25 million pounds, which amount will be recovered through energy savings and maintenance within the first seven years, and this technology will save the citizens of London to pay their taxes municipal an amount of 420,000 pounds per year from 2015-2016. "

This is the first system of its kind to be used in the UK and offer an excellent way to control lighting levels and reliability. Using an iPad application, engineers will not only be able to see instantly when a street lamp is not working properly, but even the system can predict when a lamp is likely to end up failing. The iPad app can also be used to raise and lower lighting levels, although the engineer will have to be in front of the lamp for this option to work.

If the promised savings are real, this system will surely be of interest to other councils in the UK. In many parts of the country local councils are already testing different cost saving schemes for street lighting, and most involve extinguish. This is not a great solution and has a definite impact on the safety of citizens. The control scheme via the iPad can offer savings without degrading they are looking for current levels of public lighting.

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