Saturday, November 24, 2012

The lack of sales in the iPad Mini indicates a high demand

Who does not know by now the Black Friday? For the clueless, we say that it is the last Friday in November, which is officially given out to the Christmas season in the United States. This means crazy deals in many establishments throughout the entire territory.

However, the presence of offers Internet is becoming more noticeable. And Apple does not escape from this, with a few interesting discounts in your online store. However, there is a product that has not been modified at all at a price: the iPad Mini.

The reason is simple for analysts: the new apple tablet does not need this kind of deals because they are selling like hotcakes, even though there have been complaints about the price. People want to be done with the iPad Mini , no matter if they have a discount or not.

ipad mini black friday sin rebajas La ausencia de rebajas en el iPad Mini indica una gran demanda

In fact, the waiting time for orders is still two weeks, and that's enough for has expired more than a month since its introduction. It's safe to predict that the iPad Mini would be the star of this Christmas.

All this plus, considering that this fall there have been some great tablets like the Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface, and people have more quality options to choose from. Indeed, some analysts that Apple will increase its market share of tablets, despite the presence of strong competition in the range of 7 inches.

What do you think the demand of iPad Mini? How many of you have it? Have you covered your expectations as a tablet?

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