Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The jailbreak of the Apple TV 3 is mission impossible

apple tv El jailbreak del Apple TV 3 es misiĆ³n imposible

Hackers already warned when launched, the jailbreak of Apple TV 3 is mission impossible. At the beginning we knew that the new Apple TV, which plays at 1080p, only contained an application on your system, ie, the software was simple as possible, what does this mean? because it is very difficult to find a software exploit type userland jailbreak, having no code has no security holes.

With regard to a possible exploit hardware you know as we walk from the iPhone 4 not found none, and a few years ago. P0sixninja exploits are looking for new devices but no news of their progress. And, let's face it, Apple TV is a device minority, and hackers focus less on it.

Firecore, responsible for almost all the jailbreaks for Apple TV we've seen so far, has not published anything in sight in the short term, and that its recommendation is that you buy an Apple TV first or second generation. I materialize more, if you think to look for one I recommend the second generation is the one I have jailbroken and you can play any video files, including HD MKV you have on your computer or on a hard drive connected to the WiFi network house, as a Time Capsule or a hard drive connected to an Airport Extreme.

If you already have an Apple TV 3 you should assume that you may never have jailbreak, if you're thinking about buying one I suggest you go to the previous generation, the Apple TV jailbreak is used more.

If you have an iPhone 4 you can jailbreak iOS 6 , for all other devices still nothing.

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